Our Story

78051916My introduction to golf was growing up in a family where it seemed like if you played golf you were never home! I also viewed it as a man’s sport that my father and brother played all the time. If I did tag along, my favorite part was riding in the golf cart and the lemonade or chocolate milkshake I would score whenever we ended up back at the clubhouse. 

As a professional woman, I would often find myself involved in a golf event, but usually in a volunteer capacity. It seemed I was either driving the beverage cart, working the registration, or standing by a hole waiving to the golfers that passed by. Although I consider myself athletic and am very social, I never really thought about becoming a golfer myself or the advantages to the game. One day I heard about an indoor golf school that opened up not far from the office where I worked. It was a new state of the art type facility where you can take lessons in an indoor golf bay and this fancy plasma screen recorded your swing and the instructor analyzed and critiqued your abilities. At this point, I wasn’t completely sold on the whole golf thing, but I did like the fact that it had a precious little golf boutique out front AND they carried women’s shoes! That was probably more of the draw for me than the actual lesson. Like most girls, I was already a shoe connoisseur, but who knew there were so many girl’s golf shoes on the market!

Once a week on my lunch hour I would carry the 4 iron that the instructor loaned me back and forth from the office to the lesson. (Picture a blonde carrying a golf club in the elevator full of bankers and attorneys – talk about an elevator pitch!) My goodness, I generated such a buzz with my free marketing for the golf school that I never had to pay for a single lesson!

Now back to that 4 iron. I mentioned to my golf instructor that I could’ve sworn that my father and brother had an entire bag of clubs when they played (so why was this guy always having me use this one club)? I finally convinced him to let me try a driver, and low and behold … I took a swing and smacked that ball! I was so excited that I stomped my foot (now wearing the second pair of golf shoes that I had bought from him) and kindly suggested that we might actually go OUTSIDE and play.

On the following Sunday afternoon we met up at the golf school, picked some clubs out, and put them in the only available bag on hand (which happened to be blue, ugh!) and headed to the local public course. Although I did have some pretty cute golf shoes on, I wasn’t all together thrilled with the blue bag he had chosen for me, except that it happened to match the blue Oakley running shades that I had on. Anyway, we set out on my first “outdoor” golf adventure and I actually pared the second hole! I immediately called my mother and told her that apparently golf ran in our family. (My brother has actually achieved PGA status). Speaking of my brother, he met his adorable wife on a golf course and they have been happily married now for 22 years (sorry I digress, but another benefit of golf)…

Back to my first outdoor debut, a few holes later after my PAR, a golfer was born – or should I say a shopper was born! We immediately went back to his pro shop at the golf school and I proceeded to order the latest women’s line of Nike clubs, not at all concerned at the time that they were blue, as I considered this blue golf bag some sort of good luck charm. So even though I had a new blue ensemble going on, I was at least color coordinated. I even dated the golf pro for a while!

Fast forward a few years later and I’ve gotten the golf bug again. I am a single mom now and my daughter and I reside on a beautiful golf course and spend a great deal of time watching golfers go by. Again just watching, why not participate? Remembering the amount of time the game of golf can take, I didn’t want to take it up again and spend all that time away from my princess. However, if she could also play, well you see where this is going…. so I took her out on the course to see if she had inherited the family gene. Well wouldn’t you know it, when I handed her a driver, she could smack it too!!! So it hit me, this is something that we can actually enjoy together and who cares how long it takes, because after all we would be together. We have since found out that we are both very competitive. While my princess enjoys her lemonade or chocolate shakes at the club afterwards, I enjoy my wine and we both enjoy the time we spent together.

I must admit that part of me is still all about the shoes and the outfits, but the benefits of bonding and the memories that can be made are amazing, along with the priceless time spent with my daughter. Golf can be frustrating, but it can also be very fun and a great workout. The game of golf can teach you a lot of life’s lessons. They say a lot of deals are made on the golf course, but to me there is no better deal than the moments I share with my daughter and the strengthening of the already amazing bond we share. Just last Sunday on the 4th hole, where she was definitely outplaying me, she looked up to me and said, “Mommy, this is really fun!”

So join us at “golfing is for girls” where we ultimately make every event about girls. Whether it is about family bonding, encouraging young golfers, promoting women in business, or a just girls’ day out, whatever the event – just make it a “golfing is for girls” event. We even donate a portion of our proceeds each month to non-profits that are based on women and girls initiatives – how’s that for girly! After all, “golfing IS for girls”!

Virginia (Ginny) Cardwell, Founder and President of “golfing is for girls” lives with her daughter, Olivia Grace (Liv) Cardwell, in Nashville, TN. “golfing is for girls” is another creation of gin and liv, llc which is a culmination of companies and ideas which they have based on their passions. Each creation of gin and liv donates a portion of their proceeds to a cause near and dear to their heart.


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